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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Working The Corner

Hey guys!
   Thanks for writing! Its good to hear you are seeing more of our family these days. I did know about the temple patron fund. It blesses many lives here in kenya. Most couldnt go if it wasnt for it. So about my area i think you are a little confused. I have been here over six months and wont leave till december making it 7 1/2 months in one area. Thats a long time! So as far as your christmas idea goes. It is a good idea, the problem is customs. If sent here someone has to pay to accept them like i do with packages. It would help a ton but i dont know the full procedures. You would have to email or call sister broadbent.sbroad007@msn.com. That is pretty awesome that the family is willing to go with less gifts to help others. 
        Tell Bronzen he is a lazy bugger for not writing. It is good he is eating allot of protein. Just make sure he uses it! This week has been pretty eventful. We sent Elder Mbazima home this week. It was really sad but it needed to happen. He was my former companion and my hardest so far and he was cause major issues. Things are good now though. We are getting a branch missionary from Kisumu to replace him. 
       The work is going really well actually! We have found some new people and are just working on getting all our investigators who should already be baptized problems solved. This part of the country has some hard traditions that are not lining up with gospel standards. We have a guy named Shaban who is golden. He loves the church and is addicted to the book of mormon! He has been called a devil worshiper and sticks up for the church. Its pretty awesome. His family doesnt speak english but they will get the gospel later i guess. So we are excited to devote all time an attention to the Lord now that we have resolve all the issues in our zone. 
    We had a fun experience this last week. We were doing some street contacting and no one would talk to us. It was like everyone had a stick up their butts that day. So we start getting frustrated and realized that we were "working a corner." That brought some laughs then we realized what might have been the real problem. We looked and what we didnt know is a big poster that hung on the pole behind us. It read "Beware of STD's." Man that was a funny thing to see. Haha beware of us. I would stay away to! haha   
    Other than that not much else to report. I am doing well and feeling good now. Its amazing what you can take when the Lord is on your side! We are doing good. I love you all and hope you have a great week. I promise to be more informative next week.
Elder Haynes

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